You are what your deep driving desire is.

As your desire is,
so is your will.

As your will is,
so is your deed.

As your deed is,
so is your destiny.

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Here's what some clients have to say about Body & Soles:

"I met Frances 6 years ago when I suddenly developed a bone spur on the inside of my right foot. It just appeared one day and grew quickly. It was so painful that I was not able to wear any of my shoes. I was told by a friend that I should see Frances because she knew someone that had gone to her for the same thing and was having great results. I figured I would give it a try and thought if it did not help, I could always call my foot doctor. Well, in just three treatments, it disappeared never to return.

"Over the last year I also started having some issues with my hormones as I am beginning menopause. It started, first, with painful ovulation so bad that I felt like I had the flu for three days. Then it progressed to extreme fatigue, as well as terrible mood swings that were so bad I felt like a grizzly bear with rabies for a week. Lastly I sank into depression the day before I would start my period. I had three treatments over the last month and am SO happy to report that I did not have one single symptom! I started my period without any sign of bloating or fatigue OR mood swings! I feel better than I have in over a year. My mind seems clear and I feel so much more optimistic and energetic. THANK YOU SO MUCH, Frances!  You are the BEST!"
- Erin Schreiner, Mendon, VT

"Reflexology was a real surprise for me. It works! And Frances is an authentic, no nonsense, perceptive practitioner. I highly recommend her work."
- R.E.M., Corinth, VT

"Although I have only recently begun seeing Frances for reflexology work, I am amazed by the significant improvement in my wellbeing. Within a couple months, I've seen my sleep improve (qualitatively and quantitatively), the edema in one foot has receded, and my blood pressure has been reduced to a healthy level. I always feel that Frances attends to me in a holistic way. She spends time hearing about what's going on with me and she is incredibly sensitive and compassionate during her sessions. And while other healers might slip into the easy self-congratulatory manner of attributing all success to their own gifts, Frances is always humble about the healing work she does. She doesn't evangelize about the work or her self - she simply does what she knows works and is as grateful as I am for its success. Her serene, confident demeanor inspires trust and her compassionate, empathetic manner makes me feel cared for and seen as a person. I would be thrilled to have Frances as someone coordinating my health care because I would trust her to see me as a complete person (body and spirit) and to work with me to make the best choices for my long term health.
– Marjorie Matthews, former Dartmouth employee

"Ikie’s profound capacity to tap into her “sources” guide her energy work and reflexology. From the very beginning I slept better, my dreams were more vivid and my headaches were gone after a session with her. The most intriguing thing may be what she doesn’t say. Only later did I come to understand how wonderfully respectful, subtle and insightful her responses to my questions/situation could be. Ikie is filled with loving kindness which manifests in her ability to share her healing wisdom."
– C.S.M., Windsor, VT

"I was experiencing lower back pain at the beginning of my pregnancy. The back pain was due to a tilted uterus. After one session with Frances my back pain subsided and I was able to enjoy exercising and walking again."
– D. Meyer, New York, NY

“This experience was instantly healing. I left feeling more grounded and focused; more capable of enjoying each day and dealing with the real world.”
- Joni C., Hartford, VT

“I was five months pregnant with my third child and working full time.
I needed energy to get through the day. One session with Frances
and I had amazing energy. I would love to do this every week!”

- Kelly M., Washington, D.C.

“Frances is amazing. Reflexology is an art, hard to master, but Frances is very skilled. She is also nice; do not even worry about that!”
- Thea C, age 9, Harford, VT

"I have an increased awareness of sensation and connections with my body since seeing Frances. For me, Frances' work has been largely prevention- helping me strengthen my lymphatic system and circulation. It's also deeply calming, an important benefit to general well being. I would definitely (and do) recommend Frances to others."
- M. M.

"I feel that Frances has helped me raise my general level of health. She has improved my health overall. Her work is deep and brings me a greater well being with each session."
- K. Psychotherapist

"I was on hormone replacement therapy, and acupuncture- they helped some, but this is better. I now have greater clarity, my hot flashes have reduced and I feel a general wellbeing that has been missing in my life for quite a while. A thousand times YES!!! I would recommend Frances. She brings a knowledge of the body and an intuitive sense of the mind/body connection that is far beyond anything I have ever experienced."
- L. B. Singer/homemaker

"Frances helped my neck, shoulder and knee. Foot pains are feeling Much Better, more range of motion in shoulder. Also, a mental clarity that's noticeable after each appt."
- M. W. Bartender

"Frances has helped me with her calm spirit, and in the moment care. I always recommend her."
- K. M. Health Fitness Specialist

"I have received GREAT results! Much better clarity, relaxed, better circulation, and overall wellness. I highly recommend Frances."
- C. C. Restaurant Manager